Thursday, December 24, 2009

Back from tour

I didn't keep up on this thing at all. Oh well, I doubt anyone read it anyway

Leaving for our west coast tour with Florentine Camerata in 8 days. Should be a good time. We have a few local shows with some friends in January and February. Mid February we're doing two shows with Surroundings from Baltimore, and late February into early March we're doing some dates with Seraphim from Mississippi, directly followed by a show with Nux Vomica and Order of the Vulture in Sac.

April/May tour is coming along alright as of right now. Split tape with Florentine Camerata will be out next week, and we finish recording for our 12" on Saturday.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Day number 3

We're watching Jurassic Park 2 at our friend Jackson's house in Chatsworth (LA area) right now. Fuck yes. Just feasted on some spaghetti. Fuck yes x2.

November 28th-
Tour kickoff was wild. We played first and the place reached max capacity before we even finished our set. There was probably 60 people inside and about that many outside. Shit got wild during Grace Alley and Sabertooth Zombie, and nothing got broken, and everyone got paid that needed to get paid, including Java Lounge. That place is awesome. And it was good to hang out with some good friends before we left.

November 29th-
We played a fest in Sanger, CA, a complete shithole town just outside of Fresno. We got there at like 3 and didn't play til about 8. When we get there we notice our trailer is tilted as fuck. So we check it out, and come to find out, the fucking weld on the front part of the tongue is cracked, and the support bar is bent to shit. So we're worried as shit as to what we're going to do, but just decided we would figure it out after the show.'s safe to say that 99% of the bands that played were bullshit Christian scenecore breakdown bands. Dude who booked it was a solid dude, and our friend Jeremy helped run shit and cooked a ton of food, though, so that was cool. Overall though, the show was pretty shitty. So we played at about 8, and right after us was In Desperation, followed by Five Victims Four Graves. In Desperation ruled as always. 5v4g used our gear. Granted, I'm not a big fan of their music, they are super good dudes. And they covered Suicide File. Awesome. A pretty good ending to a horrible show. We ended up leaving with a ton of sodas and water and food that they gave to us, and we headed to Jeremy's house to hang/crash.

November 30th-
Day off. Fuck. We get up at 10 and Jeremy calls his buddy that welds to come out and take a look at our trailer. He gets there, and welds shit up and says all should be good, so we say goodbyes and shit and bust to run some errands. We get ten minutes down the road, if that, and pull into a parking lot and check out the trailer and the fucking weld is broken again. After a bunch of deliberation, we decide the best thing to do is just buy a new one from Home Depot or something. But apparently, no Home Depot in the entire fucking Central Valley sells cheap trailers. We called and/or drove to about 10 Home Depots and none had anything. So we said fuck it and started driving to Bakersfield to see if we can find one there. Not even 30 minutes out, we see a small trailer outlet in the middle of nowhere, so we stop and check it out. They have some shit, and I tell the dude the deal and that we're on a tight budget and he hooks us up fairly well so I said fuck it and bought it. While they're getting the trailer ready (which took way too fucking long-we were there for two hours), the dude is asking us about the band and I say we just play punk music basically. He goes "oh shit, well we got the punk master working for us, let me call him up here" and calls this dude up over the intercom. So ridiculous. He comes out to the van and starts talking to us and I guess told Kyle he'd go find a bunch of old fliers and shit and copy em. He comes out a little while later with some Decry fliers and Reagan Youth fliers and Misfits fliers, all from the 80s. He was also tweaking out of his fucking mind. It was pretty ridiculous, but definitely entertaining. Anyway, we bought the trailer, dumped our old one there, and took off again. Now we're in Chatsworth watching Jurassic Park 2 and Jackson just went to bed. No show tomorrow either. Fuck. Oh well

Hail Satan

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Well, we are completely done with tracking drums and guitar for the 10inch. Sounds fucking good.

We leave for tour tomorrow, so we won't be able to finish up until we come back. However, we should have shit pretty soon after that once we record the rest of the parts.

Tour kickoff at Java Lounge tomorrow with Sabertooth Zombie and Grace Alley. Hopefully the building is still in tact after the show

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm gonna try and keep this updated as frequently as possible. Not sure why I decided to do this because it's not like anyone gives a shit about our band, but it will probably keep me/us entertained. So this will probably serve as a tour blog once we leave, and will be updated with random happenings and shit like that.

So...last weekend we finished up recording for the split tape with Florentine Camerata. Tomorrow we will start recording for our 10 inch. We also have new merch being printed up this week and we will have that shit for tour. A long sleeve as well as a new t shirt design via our good friend Bryce Kresge from Bone Dance fame

Tour is coming up fast, we leave on Sunday for the California Love Fest in Sanger, CA. We only have 3 open days I believe, 2 of which are in Los Angeles. Shitty. But maybe we'll be able to catch up with some friends and hang out and shit. The "tour kickoff" is on Saturday in Sacramento at the Java lounge downtown with Sabertooth Zombie and Grace Alley from San Francisco. I'm sure the mosh will be brought.

After this December tour, we come back for a few days and then leave again for the northwest with our buddies Florentine Camerata on December 31st. We're meeting up with Blocked Out a little over halfway through and doing three dates with them down to Southern California. Then in February, we are doing two northern California dates with our friends Surroundings from Baltimore, Maryland. Band is fucking amazing, and they have a new LP coming out on Free Cake Records before the tour.

We'll be playing a couple of local shows here and there next year I'm sure. And then in April we leave for a 75 day full United States and Canadian tour. We need help with Canada dates, if anyone can help out, please get in contact with us.

Hail Satan.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Writing, recording, touring

So we started writing some more new material yesterday. We are starting to record tomorrow as well. As of right now, our release plans are a split cassette with our really good friends Florentine Camerata in time for our week long northwest tour with them to bring in the new year. And after that, a tentatively self titled 10in. In the next few weeks before tour, we'll be recording a ton of new shit, plus some old stuff and it will be sent off to be mastered soon after.

Tour is almost 100% booked which is exciting in itself. We have a lot of good shows, and hopefully a lot more coming. There will also be some really good bands joining us for portions of the tour.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Been a while

We're writing shit, we have a new bassist, we're playing/hanging/drinking with a bunch of friends this week/weekend, we leave for tour again in a few weeks. At the beginning of tour, we will be recording in Arizona for a few days with our good friend Jared. Stoked for that. Not entirely sure what the shit we will be recording will end up on, but it's tentatively set for an untitled 10" and a bunch of splits and shit.

Nothing I can really think of other than that. Plans for next year and coming together somewhat as well, so if you give a shit, I'll probably post something about them at a later date on here

Hail Satan

Sunday, October 11, 2009

October tour canceled

Anthony got extremely sick on Monday night after our show in Canoga Park. He woke up the next day saying he didn't think he could even play the show that night, so we took him home to rest for a few days. We thought he would be better by that Saturday, but thats not the case. He's basically bed ridden for trhee weeks minimum. So by the time he gets better, it would be too hard and expensive for us to catch up to the tour to finish it.

We're sorry to anyone who wanted to see us. Thanks to anyone who came to the first few shows, anyone who booked a show, and supported it in anyway.

If i havent gotten ahold of you about the cancellation, i will soon.

November weekend with ABHF and December is still on. Also, late December/early January northwest tour with Blocked Out being planned right now.

Listen to Bone Dance and Benoit. Some of the nicest, most down to earth motherfuckers we've met. And they're both AMAZING bands. We're really fucking bummed we can't hang out with these dudes for the next few days. So if you live in any of the areas that we were supposed to play with them, go to the show still. It's more than worth your time

Also, we still have a ton of tour shit that we didn't get rid of. If you want anything, hit us up or hit up our online store

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fuck you, North America

April 2-June 18th, 2010 North American take-over.  Fuck you North America, you're going down.

Also doing a split double 7inch with our friend's new doom band from Phoenix called Tombsleeper.  Our side will be a concept album of sorts.  Gonna be sweet.  We should be done writing for the LP very soon, and hopefully recording in November if all goes well.  Which means the LP should hopefully be out before we head out next year.  Most/all splits will follow soon after.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Here's the tour route/poster:

We're doing dates with Bone Dance, Benoit, Dead Heroes, and a few off dates with Former Thieves and Touche Amore. Fuck yeah.

When we get back from tour in November, we're going to play a couple of shows in Sac, and then take the rest of the month off to finish writing out full length and have enough extra material for splits with Dead Heroes and Transgression.

December tour is also coming along well already. More than half of it is with Dead Heroes. In February, we'll be doing at least a week with Former Thieves. Also, a few tours are being planned out for spring and summer next year, hopefully some international and/or overseas touring. Who knows.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


October tour is coming along well, only a few holes left. We'll have tour editions of the cassette, along with tour shirts and posters and shit. Too much.

Writing is going well still, we have a few plans in the works for an LP and a split 10" with Dead Heroes, both an as of yet, undetermined label.

Dates are on our myspace, I'm too lazy to post them here.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Holy shit

It's been far too long since I updated this thing.  We completed our US tour with very few bumps along the way.  When we returned Lys and Rane decided they wanted to move on, no hard feelings, they just wanted to do their own thing.  Anthony Milani of We are the Kids is now drumming for us.  We then went out on tour with A Better Hope Foundation for a little over a week to the northwest from July 15-24th.  We are now at home writing new material to put on a full length record, hopefully to be put out by a as of yet unknown label.  

We leave for tour again in October with our friends Bone Dance for two weeks, and then continuing on from there for another three weeks.  Then again in December with our friends Dead Heroes and Downsided for about three weeks.  Writing is coming along good, we still have tapes if you want one.  Depending on when we record and the record gets put out, we will probably do a repress of the tapes.

We're playing with Touche Amore at the garage on August 18th.  come hang out, that band fucking rules.

Hail Satan

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer tour update and more

Summer tour is pretty fucking close to being completely booked.  This is the tour flier.  It's not 100% up to date, but it's close enough.  I'll post the full list of confirmed dates and shit at the bottom of this

As it says on the flier, we're doing a weekend with Scaring Sparrows this weekend to kick off the tour.  We're playing Sacramento on Sunday at a record store aptly called Records in downtown Sac.  It's a tour kick off of sorts, and we haven't played Sac in a while, and don't plan to for a while, so if you can, come hang out and make it good.  Plus it's a fucking free show.  When does that ever happen?

Here's the full list of dates and confirmed venues as of right now:

May 24- Seattle, WA - Frank's House

9631 226th pl sw, Edmunds, Washington 

May 25- Spokane, WA - The Cretin Hop

1317 N. Howard St, Spokane, Washington

May 26- Boise, ID - Brink

2509 W. Boise Ave, Boise, Idaho 

May 27- SLC, UT - Baxter's

1615 South State Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 

May 28- Denver CO - Blast o Mat

2935 W. 7th Ave (7th and Federal), Denver, Colorado

May 29- Omaha, NE

May 30- Minneapolis, MN - The Beat

1414 W 28th St, Minneapolis, Minnesota

May 31- Milwaukee, WI - The Borg Ward

823 W. National, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204

June 1- Tolono, IL - Tolono town Hall

111 E Holden st., Tolono, Illinois

June 2- Indianapolis, IN

June 3- Columbus, OH - Legion of Doom

1579 Indianola Ave, Columbus, Ohio

June 4- Pittsburgh, PA

June 5- Somewhere, NY

June 6- NYC, NY - ABC NO RIO

156 rivington street between clinton & suffolk, New York, New York 

June 7- Pittsfield, MA - Rebel Sounds records store

146-A North st, Pittsfield, Massachusetts

June 8- Baltimore, MD - Charm City Art Space

1729 maryland ave, Baltimore, MD 21201

June 9- Asbury Park, NJ

June 10- Baltimore, MD - Talking Head

407 EAST SARATOGA STREET, Baltimore, Maryland 

June 11- Richmond, VA - The Czar

929 W. Grace St., Richmond, Virginia

June 12- High Point, NC - house show

701 greensboro rd, High Point, North Carolina

June 13- Anywhere, SC

June 14- Warner Robbins, GA - The Garage

216 Raleigh Dr., Warner Robbins, Georgia 

June 15- Jacksonville, Florida - Doozer's

7636 North Main Street, Jacksonville, Florida 

June 16- Birmingham, AL

June 17- Anywhere, MS

June 18- Baton Rouge, LA - Insomkneeacks

9810 Florida blvd, Baton Rogue, LA

June 19- Denton, TX - Southmont Church

2801 Pennsylvania dr, Denton (Dallas area), Texas 

June 20- San Antonio, TX - House show

June 21- El Paso, TX - No Man's Land w/ Phobia LET'S RAGE FEST

9850 N LOOP, El Paso, TX

June 22- Albuquerque, NM - Taylair w/ Unchained

2117 lead SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 

June 23- Tucson, AZ - Dry River w/ Unchained

740 N Main Ave, Tucson, Arizona

June 24- Southern, California w/ Unchained

June 25- San Diego, CA w/ Unchained - Vic's Warehouse

38372 Innovation ct. 104, Murieta, California 

June 26 - Fresno, CA w/ Unchained - The CYC

901 F st, Fresno, California 

June 27 - Redding, CA - Deville's w/ Memoirs and Landmines

2610 Churn Crk Rd., Redding, California

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I'm pretty bad at actually keeping this thing updated. Oh well, looks like I have some catching up to do for anyone that reads this

Tour went great. Definitely one of the funnest times I've had, mostly thanks to We are the Kids. Those dudes rule. Played some good shows, met some good people, had some good fun all around. Can't wait to do it again

Other than that, we recently parted ways with our vocalist, Eric. For various reasons. There's no hard feelings, everyone is still cool. We're all going to take over vocal duties, so we won't be finding a new lead vocalist. We also added a second guitarist, our good friend Chris. We're writing a bunch of new songs (which will make you shit your pants), and the old ones are being re recorded with new vocals, so look out for both of those soon.

The split with Internal Conflict is also underway. We're slackers and haven't recorded our side yet, but IC's side is almost done and sounds fucking insane. Four (or five? I'm not 100% on that) IC songs on one side and two, maybe three, of ours on the other. Released by Holy Smoke/Hungry Ghost/Night Owl. A ton of shows are planned as well.

And in case you haven't heard them, please go listen to Flower Violence right now. Seriously one of the best bands in Sacramento.
Go right now


Summer tour is in the process of being booked. There's still a ton of holes in it, so if you can help out in anyway, that would be rad. I'll post them a little later if I get the time haha.

Other than that, I can't really think of anything else. So whatever.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Recording is done and mixing is being done as I copy and paste this. Which means we should have EPs at the show Friday, even if we have to personally burn each one for you. Fuck it.

We'll also have new shirts, a new song, and tons of other new, fresh, and exciting goodies for your mass consumption or whatever.

Come hang out

We're also playing Reno on Saturday with We are the Kids (duh) and Media Blitz from Socal, along with some locals. It's going down at the HQ, 528 Sinclair St. RENO, Nevada. . We haven't been in Reno in a few months. Hopefully we can see some familiar faces?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Small update

We got another new bassist. We're also recording right now. We're playing with MDC Sunday. We leave for tour in two weeks.

Re recorded EP will be out by tour, along with new shirts. Hopefully the seven inch will be out by the time we leave for summer, but I doubt it.

Spring tour is totally booked, some things got moved around, but it's good to go now. Summer tour is being booked right now, we've got some good shows booked.

If you live in Sacramento go to Branch St. House tomorrow to see Touche Amore. One of the best bands out right now in my opinion

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Change of plans

Before we release our new record, we're going to do a split with our friends in Internal Conflict ( We're going to have two songs on one side, and they will have 5 or so on the other side. Different covers, hand numbered, the works. It's going to be sick. Expect that soon

Also, we're re recording our EP and re releasing with new artwork and such. It's going to be good. So we'll have the new EPs for tour, and the 7inch split hopefully by summer. After we come back, we will write more stuff for our 10 inch, record it, and release it. If all goes well, we will release the 10 inch in late summer, early fall and tour off of that for a few weeks in the fall. We have big plans that are starting to pan out, so hopefully everything works out the way we anticipate.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tour is Finalized

April 3rd - The Garage, Olivehurst, CA
April 4th - The HQ, Reno, NV
April 5th - The Taylorsville House, Taylorsville, UT
April 6th - The Blast-O-Mat, Denver, CO
April 7th - The Amped, Albuquerque, NM
April 8th - No Man's Land, El Paso, TX
April 9th - Dry River, Tucson, AZ
April 10th - Pharaohs' Den, Riverside, CA
April 11th - Java lounge, Sacramento, CA

We are also now apart of Hungry Ghost Collective out of Baton Rouge, LA.  They will be helping us release our 10 in, along with Night Owl Collective and Holysmokes records.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

News about the new record

The 7 inch we were planning on releasing is now going to be a 10 inch. Mainly because our new songs are a lot longer than originally anticipated and we didn't want to cut anything out. So we're just going to put it all on a 10 inch.

Also, since it will most likely not be out for our spring tour, we are going to be bringing a cd version along with us. Probably a limited run, only about 100 or 200. All hand screened covers on cardboard sleeves, hand numbered, and probably shrink wrapped by hand as well. April 3rd will be the release for that, and if all goes well, May 16th will be the release for the 10 inch.

We only have on open date on our spring tour left. If anyone can help us get a date in Albuquerque, NM area on April 7th, that would be rad!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

We played a show tonight in Ceres with a bunch of bands, notably Plank Walk, Bullet Tooth, Crime Time, Barcadia. Lys was sick as fuck with pneumonia and the flu, and she still played.  Like a fucking champ, I might add.  

Our good friend Nick Hayakawa is going to be drawing up a cover for our 7in, which currently has no title.  He's a rad ass artist.  You can see some of his art here.   We're going to be recording that as soon as humanly possible, with a hopeful release date of May 16th.

Other than that, we've got a bunch of shows coming up and we are trying out a few new bassists, so we should have one by the end of the month/beginning of next month.  Also making some new merch, and will be be making more in the coming months.

Check the shows on the right, and come to some.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A little rearranging

Tour dates now look something like this:

April 3 - The Garage w/ We are the Kids, Farley Overdose - Olivehurst, CA

April 4 - The HQ w/ We are the Kids, Run with the Hunted, Scarring Sparrows, Deepen the Wound - Reno, NV

April 5 - The Taylorsville House w/ We are the Kids, more - Taylorsville, UT

April 6 - The Blast-O-Mat w/ We are the Kids, more - Denver, CO

April 7 - TBA w/ We are the Kids, Adobe Homes - Albuquerque, New Mexico

April 8 - TBA w/ We are the Kids, Wake up in Panic - El Paso, TX

April 9 - TBA - Arizona

April 10 - TBA - Socal

April 11 - Java Lounge w/ We are the Kids, We are Wounds, Eras, For the Win, Drastic Actions

As of right now, we are writing for our 7 in, which will hopefully be out before our summer tour. We are recording it and releasing it ourselves with the help of Anthony from We are the Kids.  

Also, we are in search of a new bassist.  If you or anyone you know is down to try out, get in contact with us.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lots of shit going on

We're planning a southwest tour this spring. It's going to be radtastic

All dates are with We are the Kids (

April 3 – Reno, NV
April 4 – SLC, UT
April 5 – Grand Junction/Denver, CO
April 6 – Albuquerque, NM
April 7 – Las Cruces, NM
April 8 – Tuscon/Phoenix, AZ
April 9 – Flagstaff, AZ/Las Vegas, NV
April 10 - socal, Ca
April 11 - Sacramento, CA @ Java Lounge

Also, we have a shit load of shows coming up, so come out to those.

We are planning on releasing a 7in ep, with 3-4 songs on it which we are writing right now. It will come with a cdr copy of the ep along with it. Also, new shirts are being planned, so expect a lot in the coming months.

Summer tour date tentative routing

May 23- Portland, OR
May 24- Seattle, WA
May 25- Spokane, WA
May 26- Boise, ID
May 27- SLC, UT
May 28- Denver CO
May 29- Omaha, NE
May 30- Minneapolis, MN
May 31- Milwaukee, WI
June 1- Chicago, IL
June 2- Indianapolis, IN
June 3- Columbus, OH
June 4- Pittsburgh, PA
June 5- Somewhere, NY
June 6- Boston, MA
June 7- NYC (Day off!)
June 8- Philly, PA
June 9- Asbury Park, NJ
June 10- DC
June 11- Richmond, VA
June 12- Anywhere, NC
June 13- Anywhere, SC
June 14- Anywhere, GA
June 15- Northern Florida
June 16- Birmingham, AL
June 17- Anywhere, MS
June 18- Baton Rouge, LA
June 19- Austin/Dallas, TX
June 20- Western Texas
June 21- Las Cruces, NM
June 22- Tucson, AZ
June 23- Flagstaff, AZ
June 24- Vegas, NV
June 25- LA/Fresno, CA

This is the first post, so more will be coming. In the mean time, check out our">online store.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


First show in October 2008. We really like beer, drugs, heavy music and playing obnoxiously loud. Please give us your beer, drugs, or amps.

If you want to get ahold of us for whatever reason, email here:

Some cool shit

A389 Records
All Teeth
Bone Dance
Caulfield (bandcamp)
Former Thieves
Free Cake Records
Grace Alley
In Desperation
Mind Melt Ent.
Mountain Man
Pulling Teeth
Trash Talk


Demo 2009
recorded live in July 2009. 5 tracks.


Split tape w/ Florentine Camerata
recorded in November 2009. 2 tracks from us, 1 from them.


Untitled LP
recorded live in January 2010. 5 tracks, 26 minutes. Released by A389 Records.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


9.8.12 - Sacramento, CA @ Oak Park Boiz House w/ Gehenna, Rat Damage, Summit

Show List

1. 10/17/08 - Miner's Foundry w/ Embrace The End; Nevada City, CA
2. 10/31/08 - U Turn w/ In Desperation; Auburn, CA
3. 11/22/08 - Club Retro (hahaha); Orangevale, CA
4. 12/12/08 - Carnage House w/ Farley Overdose, In Desperation; Grass Valley, CA
5. 12/14/08 - Fire Escape w/ Cobra Skulls; Citrus Heights, CA
6. 12/20/08 - Monstro's Pizza w/ Deathraid, Black Hole of Calcutta; Chico, CA
7. 12/22/08 - Squid & Ink w/ Success, Down We Go; Seattle, WA
8. 1/4/09 - The Garage w/ Time For Change; Olivehurst, CA
9. 1/9/09 - The Eyeball w/ Separation, Acts of Sedition; Reno, NV
10. 1/16/09 - 924 Gilman w/ Dogsholylife, Static Thought; Berkeley, CA
11. 1/17/09 - Caldwell Rec Center w/ Comadre, Punch, Separation, Dogsholylife; Redding, CA
12. 1/31/09 - Java Lounge w/ Glue, Rat Damage, In Desperation; Sacramento, CA
13. 2/7/09 - Workshop w/ Barcadia, Plank Walk; Ceres, CA
14. 2/21/09 - Java Lounge w/ Deers, Flower Violence, Rampancy; Sacramento, CA
15. 2/22/09 - The Garage w/ Rebuilt, We are the Kids, In Desperation; Olivehurst, CA
16. 2/27/09 - Submission Art Space w/ Ordstro, Unchained, Internal Conflict; San Francisco, CA
17. 2/28/09 - On The Y; Sacramento, CA
18. 3/7/09 - the Garage w/ Early Graves, Scarring Sparrows; Olivehurst, CA
19. 3/10/09 - R5 Records w/ Boats, Hollowbodies, Idle Threats; Sacramento, CA
20. 3/22/09 - Padre's Bar and Grill w/ MDC; Yuba City, CA
21. 3/29/09 - The Garage w/ Living with Lions, All Teeth; Olivehurst, CA
22. 4/3/09 - The Garage w/ We are the Kids, Run with the Hunted, Farley Overdose; Olivehurst, CA
23. 4/4/09 - The HQ w/ We are the Kids; Reno, NV
24. 4/6/09 - The Blast-o-mat w/ We are the Kids; Denver, CO
25. 4/7/09 - Amped w/ We are the Kids, Adobe Homes, Zagadka; Albuquerque, NM
26. 4/8/09 - No Man's Land w/ We are the Kids; El Paso, TX
27. 4/9/09 - Dry River w/ We are the Kids, Mania; Tuscon, AZ
28. 4/10/09 - Pharaoh's Den w/ We are the Kids, Kingdom, The Wrath; Riverside, CA
29. 4/11/09 - Java Lounge w/ We are the Kids, Eras, Wounds; Sacramento, CA
30. 5/16/09 - Joey's house w/ Scarring Sparrows; Redding, CA
31. 5/17/09 - Records w/ Scarring Sparrows, Heir; Sacramento, CA
32. 5/25/09 - Cretin Hop w/ Gravemaker, Give Life, Ill Intent; Spokane, WA
33. 5/26/09 - Brink w/ Gravemaker, Give Life, Ill Intent; Boise, ID
34. 5/27/09 - Taylorsville House w/ Gravemaker, Give Life, Ill Intent, Take Control, Black Teeth; Taylorsville, UT
35. 5/28/09 - Blast-o-mat w/ Ill Intent, Old Men Dead Dogs; Denver, CO
36. 5/30/09 - The Beat w/ Ill Intent, Wholehearted; Minneapolis, MN
37. 5/31/09 - House show w/ Old Men Dead Dogs; Cedar Falls, IA
38. 6/1/09 - Nate's Dungeon w/ Comadre; Eau Claire, WI
39. 6/3/09 - Legion of Doom; Columbus, OH
40. 6/6/09 - ABC No Rio; New York, NY
41. 6/7/09 - Rebel Sound w/ She Rides; Pittsfield, MA
42. 6/8/09 - CCAS w/ Decades; Baltimore, MD
43. 6/9/09 - Girl Cave w/ Transgression; Washington, DC
44. 6/10/09 - Talking Head w/ Victims, Black Breath, Surroundings; Baltimore, MD
45. 6/11/09 - House show; Richmond, VA
46. 6/12/09 - Arts By Alexander; high Point, NC
47. 6/13/09 - DIYNO House w/ For the Cause; Tallahassee, FL
48. 6/15/09 - Doozer's Pub w/ Dead Heroes; Jacksonville, FL
49. 6/15/09 - Some Bar w/ Dead Heroes; Jacksonville, FL
50. 6/16/09 - Haphy Haus w/ Dead Heroes, No Qualms; Orlando, FL
51. 6/18/09 - Insomkneeacks w/ Cloud Mouth, Hat Talk; Baton Rouge, LA
52. 6/20/09 - Mishal's House; San Antonio, TX
53. 6/21/09 - No Man's Land w/ Unholy Grave, Magrudergrind; El Paso, TX
54. 6/22/09 - Taylair w/ Unchained, Adobe Homes, Zagadka; Albuquerque, NM
55. 6/23/09 - Dry River w/ Unchained; Tucson, AZ
56. 6/25/09 - Galindo's w/ Unchained; Murrieta, CA
57. 6/26/09 - CYC w/ Unchained; Fresno, CA
58. 7/4/09 - The Garage w/ Decades, Beartrap; Olivehurst, CA
59. 7/9/09 - The Garage w/ Raw Nerves, High Life; Olivehurst, CA
60. 7/15/09 - Branch St House w/ In Desperation, A Better Hope Foundation; Sacramento, CA
61. 7/17/09 - Hen Den w/ Killing the Dream, Vanguard, A Better Hope Foundation; Reno, NV
62. 7/18/09 - The Garage w/ Pianos Become the Teeth, We are the Kids, A Better Hope Foundation, Ordstro; Olivehurst, CA
63. 7/19/09 - MLK Center w/ No Harm Done, Vanguard, A Better Hope Foundation; Redding, CA
64. 7/20/09 - Arctic Circle Pit w/ No Harm Done, Offsides, ABHF; Portland, OR
65. 7/23/09 - House Show; Salem, OR
66. 7/27/09 - The Garage w/ Maladie, Bokanovsky, Drowning with Our Anchors, Royal Monsters; Olivehurst, CA
67. 8/18/09 - The Garage w/ Touche Amore, We are the Kids; Olivehurst, CA
68. 8/25/09 - The Garage w/ At Dawn, Elitist, Funeral Pyre; Olivehurst, CA
69. 9/4/09 - The Garage w/ Hell and Reason, In Desperation; Olivehurst, CA
70. 9/11/09 - 924 Gilman w/ Hellbastard, Resistant Culture, Gehenna; Berkeley, CA
71. 10/2/09 - East Side Joe's w/ Bone Dance, Benoit; Las Vegas, NV
72. 10/3/09 - The Phix w/ Bone Dance, Benoit, Royal Monsters; Phoenix, AZ
73. 10/4/09 - Galindo's w/ Bone Dance, Benoit; Murrieta, CA
74. 10/5/09 - Cobalt Cafe w/ Bone Dance, Benoit, Blocked Out; Canoga Park, CA
75. 11/6/09 - Washington Center w/ ABHF, Rotting Out, Whiskey Rebels; Sacramento, CA
76. 11/7/09 - Branch st House w/ ABHF; Sacramento, CA
77. 11/8/09 - Hen Den w/ ABHF, Ready to Die, Out of Reach; Reno, NV
78. 11/28/09 - Java Lounge w/ Sabertooth Zombie, Grace Alley, in Desperation, Heir.; Sacramento, CA
79. 11/29/09 - Sanger Community Center; Sanger, CA
80. 12/2/09 - Radio Room; San Diego, CA
81. 12/3/09 - The Slurp w/ Days of Awe; Tempe, AZ
82. 12/5/09 - Sleepless Nights w/ Deadfuck; El Paso, TX
83. 12/6/09 - Bar show; San Antonio, TX
84. 12/7/09 - Phoenix Project w/ Violent Messiah, Raging Boner; Dallas, TX
85. 12/9/09 - Schiller House w/ Jolene; Little Rock, AR
86. 12/10/09 - Big Top w/ Thou, Small Bones; New Orleans, LA
87. 12/11/09 - Tattoo shop w/ Dead Heroes; Bodunk, AL
88. 12/12/09 - Ximeno's Skateshop w/ Dead Heroes; Greenville, AL
89. 12/13/09 - Heartbeat Gallery w/ Dead Heroes, Monarchist; Mooresville, NC
90. 12/14/09 - Kempsville Ruritan w/ Dead Heroes; Virginia Beach, VA
91. 12/15/09 - Mr. Roboto's w/ Dead Heroes, Peregrine; Pittsburgh, PA
92. 12/16/09 - Third Street Co-op w/ Slices, D.O.C, Ilsa, Brick Shitter; Washington, DC
93. 12/17/09 - Legion of Doom w/ Ride to Ruin; Columbus, OH
94. 12/19/09 - 1108 House w/ Hercules, Agress; Cedar Falls, IA
95. 12/21/09 - Black Sheep w/ Dead Hours; Colorado Springs, CO
96. 12/22/09 - The Basement w/ Reviver; Ogden, UT
97. 1/1/10 - House show w/ Florentine Camerata; Portland, OR
98. 1/2/10 - Coffee Shop w/ Florentine Camerata, Sojourner; Bremerton, WA
99. 1/4/10 - Fort Ryland w/ Florentine Camerata, Blocked Out; Reno, NV
100. 1/5/10 - The Garage w/ Florentine Camerata, Blocked Out; Olivehurst, CA
101. 1/6/10 - Cobalt Cafe w/ Florentine Camerata, Blocked Out; Canoga Park, CA
102. 1/15/10 - Unholy Grounds w/ Farley Overdose, Tigon; Olivehurst, CA
103. 1/24/10 - Unholy Grounds w/ Fight Amp, Kowloon Walled City, The Makai; Olivehurst, CA
104. 2/12/10 - The Den w/ Separation, Punch, Grace Alley, In Desperation, Florentine Camerata; Sacramento, CA
105. 2/16/10 - Unholy Grounds w/ Defeater, All Teeth, Summit, In Desperation; Olivehurst, CA
106. 2/27/10 - McWorld w/ Seraphim, Graf Orlock, Benoit; Los Angeles, CA
107. 2/28/10 - CYC w/ Seraphim, Final Fight, Xibalba; Fresno, CA
108. 3/1/10 - Submission Art Space w/ Seraphim, Tigon, Versions, Dead Man; San Francisco, CA
109. 3/2/10 - Unholy Grounds w/ Seraphim, Florentine Camerata; Olivehurst, CA
110. 3/25/10 - CYC w/ Surroundings; Fresno, CA
111. 3/26/10 - Submission Art Space w/ Surroundings, Skin Like Iron, Raw Nerves; San Francisco, CA
112. 3/27/10 - Unholy Grounds w/ Surroundings, Tigon; Olivehurst, CA
113. 3/28/10 - Laughing Horse Books w/ Surroundings, Raw Nerves; Portland, OR
114. 3/29/10 - Rising Sun w/ Surroundings; Olympia, WA
115. 4/3/10 - Unholy Grounds w/Florentine Camerata, Hell and Reason, Reviver, In Desperation; Olivehurst, CA
116. 4/6/10 - The Underground w/ Across Tundras; Mesa, AZ
117. 4/7/10 - Bar show w/ Maladie, Satie; Tijuana, MX
118. 4/9/10 - McWorld w/ Former Thieves, Benoit; Los Angeles, CA
119. 4/10/10 - Pink Mailbox w/ Former Thieves, Benoit; Isla Vista, CA
120. 4/11/10 - Submission Art Space w/ Former Thieves, Benoit, Tigon, Ordstro, Versions, Dead Man; San Francisco, CA
121. 4/12/10 - Unholy Grounds w/ Former Thieves; Olivehurst, CA
122. 4/13/10 - Sue's Java w/ Former Thieves; Redding, CA
123. 4/15/10 - The Know w/ Former Thieves, Squalora; Portland, OR
124. 4/16/10 - Laughing Horse Books w/ Former Thieves; Portland, OR
125. 4/17/10 - Le Voyeur w/ Former Thieves; Olympia, WA
126. 4/18/10 - Theler Community Center; Belfair, WA
127. 4/20/10 - Alf House w/ Unfun, Hoopsnake, War Hero, Unlearn; Vancouver, BC
128. 4/21/10 - Gravel Pit w/ Unfun, Unlearn, War Hero; Squamish, BC
129. 4/22/10 - Little Big House; Kamloops, BC
130. 4/23/10 - Safe House; Calgary, AB
131. 4/24/10 - DV8; Edmonton, AB
132. 4/25/10 - Tubby Dog w/ Point Break; Calgary, AB
133. 4/26/10 - The Club; Regina, SK
134. 4/27/10 - War on Music w/ Withdrawal; Winnipeg, MB
135. 4/28/10 - Kilroy's; Thunder Bay, ON
136. 4/30/10 - Bar show w/ Oxbaker; London, ON
137. 5/1/10 - Siesta Nouveaux w/ Sound Asleep, Creeper; Toronto, ON
138. 5/2/10 - Cafe Dekcuf w/ Alaskan; Ottawa, ON
139. 5/3/10 - Cafe-Bar L'agitee w/ Cold North; Quebec, QC
140. 5/4/10 - Coyle St House; Portland ME
141. 5/5/10 - Handsome Mansion; Boston, MA
142. 5/8/10 - ABC No Rio; New York, NY
143. 5/10/10 - Electric Maid; Washington, DC
144. 5/11/10 - Charm City Art Space w/ Surroundings, Triac; Baltimore, MD
145. 5/15/10 - The Little Hamilton; Nashville, TN
146. 5/16/10 - Tupelo Skatepark w/ Seraphim, Conspirator, Ragpicker; Tupelo, MS
147. 5/17/10 - Schiller House; Little Rock, AR
148. 5/18/10 - Phoenix Project; Dallas, TX
149. 5/20/10 - Naylair w/ Black Breath, All Teeth; El Paso, TX
150. 3.4.11 Sacramento, ca @ The Hub
151. 3.5.11 San Francisco, ca @ Submission Art Space
152. 3.6.11 Fresno, ca @ The CYC
153. 3.7.11 Los Angeles, ca @ The Blvd
154. 3.8.11 Santa Barbara, ca @ Avis Rental Car w/ Xibalba, Minus, more
155. 3.9.11 garden grove, ca @ The Cabin
156. 3.10.11 tijuana, mx @ Billares el Travieso w/ Maladie
157. 3.11.11 mesa, az @ The Creepee Teepee
158. 3.12.11 Tucson, AZ @ Noise Venue
159. 3.13.11 el paso, tx @ The Naylair
160. 3.14.11 Eagles Pass, TX @ 3759 Tina Dr
161. 3.16.11 guadalajara, mx @ Bar show
162. 3.17.11 toluca, mx @ Welding warehouse
163. 3.19.11 san luis, mx @ Bar show
164. 3.20.11 monterrey, mx @ Bar show
165. 3.21.11 laredo, tx @ 7 Days Tavern
166. 3.22.11 corpus christi, tx @ House of Rock
167. 3.22.11 corpus christi, tx @ some warehouse
168. 3.23.11 san antonio, tx @ A&A Drive Inn
169. 3.24.11 Houston, tx @ Vinyl Junkie Records
170. 3.25.11 Austin, tx @ 505 e 54th st
171. 3.26.11 Ft Worth, tx @ 1919 Hemphill
172. 3.27.11 conway, ar @ Soundstage
173. 3.29.11 tupelo, ms @ The Spot
174. 3.30.11 birmingham, ab @ The Firehouse
175. 3.31.11 knoxville, tn @ The Poison Lawn
176. 4.1.11 chatanooga, tn @ The Warehouse
177. 4.1.11 chatanooga, tn @ Anarchtica
178. 4.2.11 tallahassee, fl @ Trainwreck
179. 4.3.11 gainesville, fl @ Wayward Council
180. 4.4.11 tampa, fl @ 103 w south ave
181. 4.5.11 ft myers, fl @ Cool Hand Luc's
182. 4.6.11 miami, fl @ Chum Bucket
183. 4.7.11 orlando, fl @ Hoops Tavern
184. 4.8.11 atlanta, ga @ House show
185. 4.9.11 columbia sc @ House of Hardcore
186. 4.10.11 greenville sc @ Suite 8
187. 4.11.11 belmont, nc @ the white house
188. 4.12.11 johnson city, tn @ The Hideaway
189. 4.13.11 greensboro, nc @ Cedar St House
190. 4.14.11 richmond va @ Strange Matter
191. 4.15.11 washington, dc @ Kay Spiritual Basement (in American University)
192. 4.16.11 newark, de @ The Frontage Cottage
193. 4.17.11 philadelphia, pa @ The Bordello
194. 4.18.11 Brick, NJ @ Moose Lodge
195. 4.19.11 new brunswick, ny @ The Alamo w/ Pharaoh
196. 4.20.11 new york city, ny @ Tommy's w/ Pharaoh
197. 4.21.11 New London, CT @ The Eclectic
198. 4.22.11 cambridge, ma @ Democracy Center
199. 4.23.11 middleton, ri @ Knights of Columbus
200. 4.24.11 mendon, ma @ Rad Skatepark
201. 4.25.11 Dover, nh @ Flyrock Records
202. 4.26.11 brewer, me @ Dino's
203. 4.29.11 quebec, qc @ Le Scanner w/ Brazen Hell
204. 4.30.11 Sherbrooke, qc @ Bar La Magog w/ Brazen Hell
205. 5.1.11 Ottawa, ON @ cafe dekcuf
206. 5.2.11 Hamilton, ON @ Door's Pub
207. 5.3.11 Sudbury, on, can @ Little Montreal
208. 5.5.11 winnipeg, mb, can @ War on Music
209. 5.6.11 dauphin, mb @ Jesse's House
210. 5.7.11 Regina, sk @ The Club
211. 5.8.11 edmonton, ab, can @ Inglewood Hall w/ Obacha
213. 212. 5.9.11 kamloops, bc @ Little Big House w/ Obacha
214. 5.10.11 squamish, bc @ Youth Center w/ Obacha
215. 5.11.11 vancouver, bc, can @ Garbage Mountain w/ Haggatha, Tempest
216. 5.13.11 olympia, wa @ Le Voyeur w/ David Liebe Hart
217. 5.14.11 portland, or @ Laughing Horse Books
218. 5.15.11 redding, ca @ Sue's Java
219. 5.16.11 Santa Rosa, ca @ Share Exchange Co-op
220. 5.18.11 sacramento, ca @ Branch st House
221. 5.19.11 reno, nv @ Ft. Ryland
222. 5.20.11 boise, id @ The Carhole
223. 5.21.11 salt lake city, ut @ SLC Cellar
224. 5.22.11 denver, co @ Blast-o-mat
225. 5.23.11 kansas city, ks @ the newsroom
226. 5.24.11 lincoln, ne @ Mad Ave w/ Weekend Nachos
227. 5.25.11 cedar falls, ia @ 1108 Main St.
228. 5.26.11 fargo, nd @ New Direction
229. 5.27.11 minneapolis, mn @ The Beat
230. 5.28.11 Eau Claire, WI @ Nate's Dungeon
231. 5.29.11 Peoria, IL @ Peoria Pizza Works
232. 5.31.11 Springfield, IL @ Black sheep Cafe
233. 6.1.11 St Louis, MO @ Fubar
234. 6.3.11 Indianapolis, IN @ The Dojo
235. 6.4.11 Grand Rapids, MI @ The DAAC
236. 6.5.11 Ann Arbor, MI @ The Metal Frat
237. 6.6.11 Astabula, OH @ West End 2153 EARLY SHOW
238. 6.6.11 Cleveland, OH @ Tower 2012 LATE SHOW
239. 6.7.11 Pittsburgh, PA @ Helter Shelter
240. 6.8.11 Buffalo, NY @ Sugar City
241. 6.9,11 Syracuse, NY @ Badlands
242. 6.10.11 Mendon, MA @ Rad Skatepark
243. 6.11.11 Allston, MA @ The Butcher Shop
244. 6.17.11 - New London, CT @ El n Gee Club (CT Punk Fest)
245. 6.19.11 - Louisville, KY @ Tyler's House w/ Procession
246. 6.20.11 - Carbondale, IL @ Lost Cross w/ Procession
247. 6.21.11 - Columbia, MO @ Sideshow
248. 6.22.11 - Oklahoma City, OK @ Bad Granny's
249. 6.23.11 - Amarillo, TX @ Sorority House
250. 6.26.11 - Tempe, AZ @ The Fixx Coffee Shop w/ Distance, Magnum Force, Sun Jane, Sinking in Shit
251. 7.8.11 - Davis, CA @ The Goondocks w/ Ordstro, Stress Relief, Stares
252. 7.28.11 - Fresno, CA @ The Bel-Tower w/ Ringworm, The Love Below, Revenge, Hate Your Guts, Strike to Survive
253. 8.5.11 - Grass Valley, CA @ Sierra Mountain Coffee Roasters w/ A Better Hope Foundation, Aspire (TX), Shambles, more
254. 8.14.11 - Davis, CA @ The Goondocks - Tour kickoff w/ Masakari (OH, on Southern Lord Recs), Alpinist (Germany, on Southern Lord Recs)
255. 8.15.11 - Oakland, CA @ Yer Haus w/ Masakari, Alpinist, Beau Navire, Negative Standards
256. 8.18.11 - Portland, OR @ Blackrose Infoshop w/ Sloths, Waischu, more
257. 8.19.11 - Vancouver, BC @ The Chateau w/ Iskra, Sixbrewbantha, No Eulogy
258. 8.20.11 - Kamloops, BC @ Justis' House - Shred the Loops Fest w/ Haggatha, Hand of the Horsewitch, Contagium, a shit ton more.
259. 8.21.11 - Vancouver, BC @ Alf House w/ Contagium, Infect Propaganda
260. 8.23.11 - Squamish, BC @ The Tits on 6th ave w/ Contagium, Massgrave, Hoopsnake, Obacha
261. 8.24.11 - Seattle, WA @ Tyler's House
262. 8.25.11 - Portland, OR @ Blackwater Records w/ Raw Nerves, Young Turks, more
263. 8.26.11 - Arcata, CA @ The Facement
264. 8.27.11 - Rohnert Park, CA @ WASP nest w/ In Possession, more
265. 9.10.11 - Sacramento, CA @ Axewave Manor w/ Total War (BC crust) and Disable (GA dbeat)
266. 9.22.11 - Sacramento, CA @ Digitalis w/ Bacchus (Ireland), In Desperation, Di Bravura
267. 10.3.11 - Redding, CA @ Sue's Java w/ Protestant (WI heavy as fuck crust), Amarok (chico doom), Stress Relief
268. 11.11.11 - Davis, CA @ The Goondocks w/ The Love Below, Negative Standards, Stress Relief, Global Disgust
269. 11.15.11 - Oakland, CA @ Metro Side Bar w/ Elitist (Portland grinding death/doom/crust, Season of Mist records)
270. 11.16.11 - Sacramento, CA @ On the Y w/ Elitist, Ordstro; 21+
271. 11.17.11 - Chico, CA @ Monstro's Pizza w/ Elitist
272. 12.7.11 - Sacramento, CA @ Axewave Manor w/ Heartless (Southern Lord records), Full of Hell (numb your mind, A389 records), Rainbow Person
273. 1.18.12 - Sacramento, CA @ Thee Boiz House w/ Withdrawal, Shambles
274. 1.19.12 - San Francisco, CA @ Submission w/ Withdrawal, Versions, Hides, Fatal Birth
275. 1.27.12 - Sacramento, CA @ The Dough Joe (and then moved to Thee Boiz House) w/ Code Orange Kids, Xerxes
276. 2.20.12 - Sacramento, CA @ Press Club (tour kickoff party at Work Your Soul)
277. 2.24.12 - Seattle, WA @ The Highline w/ Deathraid, Burning Leather, Occult SS
278. 2.25.12 - Portland, OR @ The Alleyway w/ Elitist, V.O.H.
279. 2.27.12 - Santa Rosa, CA @ The Transient Lounge
280. 2.28.12 - Daly City, CA @ Serra Bowl w/ Tigon
281. 3.31.12 - Sacramento, CA @ 2nd Ave House w/ Amarok and the Blue Letter
282. 4.26.12 - Arcata, CA @ The Big Tree w/ TRAGEDY, Arrastrados, Komatose
283. 5.31.12 - Sacramento, CA @ 2nd Ave House w/ Heartless, Dead in the Dirt, Summit
284. 6.4.12 - Davis, CA; Live on "Hitless Wonders" on KDVS at 6pm. or 90.3 to listen.
285. 6.24.12 - Oakland, CA @ Eli's Mile High Club w/ Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire, Gravehill, D.I.S.
286. 6.26.12 - Sacramento, CA @ Oak Park Boiz House w/ CTTOAFF, Plague Widow, An Airbag Saved My Life