Tuesday, June 14, 2011

100 day tour thanks and news

100 day tour is over and we are currently in Boston. I want to thank Cesar Bustamante, Britty, Zach, and Graham/Procession, Little Chris, Ian, Chris and their roommate (I'm a dick for forgetting this name) from Springfield, Adam Dyson, Pierre Luc-Germain, Jesse from Dauphin, Tommy Wilson and the rest of Obacha, Marisa, Justis and everyone else in Kamloops, Braden/Haggatha, Roger/Tempest, Zeb and Cory/Loather, Thomas/Agress, Jesse Menard, Adam Forkey, Kimberly/Democracy Center, Drew Wencel, Tommy Draize, John and Bob at Rad Skatepark, Timmy Lodhi, Ethan/Jared/Redding crew, Adam/Heartless, Code Orange Kids, Manny Mares, Nick and Chris/Moon Titan, Jamus/Old and Ill, Addrian/Aspire, Bobby Johnson, Clay, Lee and Austin/Distance and anyone else who fed us, housed us, and/or smoked weed with us.

Expect a couple of splits this year, and a new record next year. Come see us on the way home and help us get back, look at the tour dates for shows and shit. Cool.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nearing the end

Only five shows left on the Hot 100. Come hang out if you're in the area.