Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Recording is done and mixing is being done as I copy and paste this. Which means we should have EPs at the show Friday, even if we have to personally burn each one for you. Fuck it.

We'll also have new shirts, a new song, and tons of other new, fresh, and exciting goodies for your mass consumption or whatever.

Come hang out

We're also playing Reno on Saturday with We are the Kids (duh) and Media Blitz from Socal, along with some locals. It's going down at the HQ, 528 Sinclair St. RENO, Nevada. . We haven't been in Reno in a few months. Hopefully we can see some familiar faces?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Small update

We got another new bassist. We're also recording right now. We're playing with MDC Sunday. We leave for tour in two weeks.

Re recorded EP will be out by tour, along with new shirts. Hopefully the seven inch will be out by the time we leave for summer, but I doubt it.

Spring tour is totally booked, some things got moved around, but it's good to go now. Summer tour is being booked right now, we've got some good shows booked.

If you live in Sacramento go to Branch St. House tomorrow to see Touche Amore. One of the best bands out right now in my opinion

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Change of plans

Before we release our new record, we're going to do a split with our friends in Internal Conflict (www.myspace.com/internalconflictcali). We're going to have two songs on one side, and they will have 5 or so on the other side. Different covers, hand numbered, the works. It's going to be sick. Expect that soon

Also, we're re recording our EP and re releasing with new artwork and such. It's going to be good. So we'll have the new EPs for tour, and the 7inch split hopefully by summer. After we come back, we will write more stuff for our 10 inch, record it, and release it. If all goes well, we will release the 10 inch in late summer, early fall and tour off of that for a few weeks in the fall. We have big plans that are starting to pan out, so hopefully everything works out the way we anticipate.