Monday, November 30, 2009

Day number 3

We're watching Jurassic Park 2 at our friend Jackson's house in Chatsworth (LA area) right now. Fuck yes. Just feasted on some spaghetti. Fuck yes x2.

November 28th-
Tour kickoff was wild. We played first and the place reached max capacity before we even finished our set. There was probably 60 people inside and about that many outside. Shit got wild during Grace Alley and Sabertooth Zombie, and nothing got broken, and everyone got paid that needed to get paid, including Java Lounge. That place is awesome. And it was good to hang out with some good friends before we left.

November 29th-
We played a fest in Sanger, CA, a complete shithole town just outside of Fresno. We got there at like 3 and didn't play til about 8. When we get there we notice our trailer is tilted as fuck. So we check it out, and come to find out, the fucking weld on the front part of the tongue is cracked, and the support bar is bent to shit. So we're worried as shit as to what we're going to do, but just decided we would figure it out after the show.'s safe to say that 99% of the bands that played were bullshit Christian scenecore breakdown bands. Dude who booked it was a solid dude, and our friend Jeremy helped run shit and cooked a ton of food, though, so that was cool. Overall though, the show was pretty shitty. So we played at about 8, and right after us was In Desperation, followed by Five Victims Four Graves. In Desperation ruled as always. 5v4g used our gear. Granted, I'm not a big fan of their music, they are super good dudes. And they covered Suicide File. Awesome. A pretty good ending to a horrible show. We ended up leaving with a ton of sodas and water and food that they gave to us, and we headed to Jeremy's house to hang/crash.

November 30th-
Day off. Fuck. We get up at 10 and Jeremy calls his buddy that welds to come out and take a look at our trailer. He gets there, and welds shit up and says all should be good, so we say goodbyes and shit and bust to run some errands. We get ten minutes down the road, if that, and pull into a parking lot and check out the trailer and the fucking weld is broken again. After a bunch of deliberation, we decide the best thing to do is just buy a new one from Home Depot or something. But apparently, no Home Depot in the entire fucking Central Valley sells cheap trailers. We called and/or drove to about 10 Home Depots and none had anything. So we said fuck it and started driving to Bakersfield to see if we can find one there. Not even 30 minutes out, we see a small trailer outlet in the middle of nowhere, so we stop and check it out. They have some shit, and I tell the dude the deal and that we're on a tight budget and he hooks us up fairly well so I said fuck it and bought it. While they're getting the trailer ready (which took way too fucking long-we were there for two hours), the dude is asking us about the band and I say we just play punk music basically. He goes "oh shit, well we got the punk master working for us, let me call him up here" and calls this dude up over the intercom. So ridiculous. He comes out to the van and starts talking to us and I guess told Kyle he'd go find a bunch of old fliers and shit and copy em. He comes out a little while later with some Decry fliers and Reagan Youth fliers and Misfits fliers, all from the 80s. He was also tweaking out of his fucking mind. It was pretty ridiculous, but definitely entertaining. Anyway, we bought the trailer, dumped our old one there, and took off again. Now we're in Chatsworth watching Jurassic Park 2 and Jackson just went to bed. No show tomorrow either. Fuck. Oh well

Hail Satan

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