Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer tour update and more

Summer tour is pretty fucking close to being completely booked.  This is the tour flier.  It's not 100% up to date, but it's close enough.  I'll post the full list of confirmed dates and shit at the bottom of this

As it says on the flier, we're doing a weekend with Scaring Sparrows this weekend to kick off the tour.  We're playing Sacramento on Sunday at a record store aptly called Records in downtown Sac.  It's a tour kick off of sorts, and we haven't played Sac in a while, and don't plan to for a while, so if you can, come hang out and make it good.  Plus it's a fucking free show.  When does that ever happen?

Here's the full list of dates and confirmed venues as of right now:

May 24- Seattle, WA - Frank's House

9631 226th pl sw, Edmunds, Washington 

May 25- Spokane, WA - The Cretin Hop

1317 N. Howard St, Spokane, Washington

May 26- Boise, ID - Brink

2509 W. Boise Ave, Boise, Idaho 

May 27- SLC, UT - Baxter's

1615 South State Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 

May 28- Denver CO - Blast o Mat

2935 W. 7th Ave (7th and Federal), Denver, Colorado

May 29- Omaha, NE

May 30- Minneapolis, MN - The Beat

1414 W 28th St, Minneapolis, Minnesota

May 31- Milwaukee, WI - The Borg Ward

823 W. National, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204

June 1- Tolono, IL - Tolono town Hall

111 E Holden st., Tolono, Illinois

June 2- Indianapolis, IN

June 3- Columbus, OH - Legion of Doom

1579 Indianola Ave, Columbus, Ohio

June 4- Pittsburgh, PA

June 5- Somewhere, NY

June 6- NYC, NY - ABC NO RIO

156 rivington street between clinton & suffolk, New York, New York 

June 7- Pittsfield, MA - Rebel Sounds records store

146-A North st, Pittsfield, Massachusetts

June 8- Baltimore, MD - Charm City Art Space

1729 maryland ave, Baltimore, MD 21201

June 9- Asbury Park, NJ

June 10- Baltimore, MD - Talking Head

407 EAST SARATOGA STREET, Baltimore, Maryland 

June 11- Richmond, VA - The Czar

929 W. Grace St., Richmond, Virginia

June 12- High Point, NC - house show

701 greensboro rd, High Point, North Carolina

June 13- Anywhere, SC

June 14- Warner Robbins, GA - The Garage

216 Raleigh Dr., Warner Robbins, Georgia 

June 15- Jacksonville, Florida - Doozer's

7636 North Main Street, Jacksonville, Florida 

June 16- Birmingham, AL

June 17- Anywhere, MS

June 18- Baton Rouge, LA - Insomkneeacks

9810 Florida blvd, Baton Rogue, LA

June 19- Denton, TX - Southmont Church

2801 Pennsylvania dr, Denton (Dallas area), Texas 

June 20- San Antonio, TX - House show

June 21- El Paso, TX - No Man's Land w/ Phobia LET'S RAGE FEST

9850 N LOOP, El Paso, TX

June 22- Albuquerque, NM - Taylair w/ Unchained

2117 lead SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 

June 23- Tucson, AZ - Dry River w/ Unchained

740 N Main Ave, Tucson, Arizona

June 24- Southern, California w/ Unchained

June 25- San Diego, CA w/ Unchained - Vic's Warehouse

38372 Innovation ct. 104, Murieta, California 

June 26 - Fresno, CA w/ Unchained - The CYC

901 F st, Fresno, California 

June 27 - Redding, CA - Deville's w/ Memoirs and Landmines

2610 Churn Crk Rd., Redding, California

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