Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm gonna try and keep this updated as frequently as possible. Not sure why I decided to do this because it's not like anyone gives a shit about our band, but it will probably keep me/us entertained. So this will probably serve as a tour blog once we leave, and will be updated with random happenings and shit like that.

So...last weekend we finished up recording for the split tape with Florentine Camerata. Tomorrow we will start recording for our 10 inch. We also have new merch being printed up this week and we will have that shit for tour. A long sleeve as well as a new t shirt design via our good friend Bryce Kresge from Bone Dance fame

Tour is coming up fast, we leave on Sunday for the California Love Fest in Sanger, CA. We only have 3 open days I believe, 2 of which are in Los Angeles. Shitty. But maybe we'll be able to catch up with some friends and hang out and shit. The "tour kickoff" is on Saturday in Sacramento at the Java lounge downtown with Sabertooth Zombie and Grace Alley from San Francisco. I'm sure the mosh will be brought.

After this December tour, we come back for a few days and then leave again for the northwest with our buddies Florentine Camerata on December 31st. We're meeting up with Blocked Out a little over halfway through and doing three dates with them down to Southern California. Then in February, we are doing two northern California dates with our friends Surroundings from Baltimore, Maryland. Band is fucking amazing, and they have a new LP coming out on Free Cake Records before the tour.

We'll be playing a couple of local shows here and there next year I'm sure. And then in April we leave for a 75 day full United States and Canadian tour. We need help with Canada dates, if anyone can help out, please get in contact with us.

Hail Satan.

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