Sunday, October 11, 2009

October tour canceled

Anthony got extremely sick on Monday night after our show in Canoga Park. He woke up the next day saying he didn't think he could even play the show that night, so we took him home to rest for a few days. We thought he would be better by that Saturday, but thats not the case. He's basically bed ridden for trhee weeks minimum. So by the time he gets better, it would be too hard and expensive for us to catch up to the tour to finish it.

We're sorry to anyone who wanted to see us. Thanks to anyone who came to the first few shows, anyone who booked a show, and supported it in anyway.

If i havent gotten ahold of you about the cancellation, i will soon.

November weekend with ABHF and December is still on. Also, late December/early January northwest tour with Blocked Out being planned right now.

Listen to Bone Dance and Benoit. Some of the nicest, most down to earth motherfuckers we've met. And they're both AMAZING bands. We're really fucking bummed we can't hang out with these dudes for the next few days. So if you live in any of the areas that we were supposed to play with them, go to the show still. It's more than worth your time

Also, we still have a ton of tour shit that we didn't get rid of. If you want anything, hit us up or hit up our online store

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