Sunday, February 1, 2009

A little rearranging

Tour dates now look something like this:

April 3 - The Garage w/ We are the Kids, Farley Overdose - Olivehurst, CA

April 4 - The HQ w/ We are the Kids, Run with the Hunted, Scarring Sparrows, Deepen the Wound - Reno, NV

April 5 - The Taylorsville House w/ We are the Kids, more - Taylorsville, UT

April 6 - The Blast-O-Mat w/ We are the Kids, more - Denver, CO

April 7 - TBA w/ We are the Kids, Adobe Homes - Albuquerque, New Mexico

April 8 - TBA w/ We are the Kids, Wake up in Panic - El Paso, TX

April 9 - TBA - Arizona

April 10 - TBA - Socal

April 11 - Java Lounge w/ We are the Kids, We are Wounds, Eras, For the Win, Drastic Actions

As of right now, we are writing for our 7 in, which will hopefully be out before our summer tour. We are recording it and releasing it ourselves with the help of Anthony from We are the Kids.  

Also, we are in search of a new bassist.  If you or anyone you know is down to try out, get in contact with us.

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