Thursday, February 19, 2009

News about the new record

The 7 inch we were planning on releasing is now going to be a 10 inch. Mainly because our new songs are a lot longer than originally anticipated and we didn't want to cut anything out. So we're just going to put it all on a 10 inch.

Also, since it will most likely not be out for our spring tour, we are going to be bringing a cd version along with us. Probably a limited run, only about 100 or 200. All hand screened covers on cardboard sleeves, hand numbered, and probably shrink wrapped by hand as well. April 3rd will be the release for that, and if all goes well, May 16th will be the release for the 10 inch.

We only have on open date on our spring tour left. If anyone can help us get a date in Albuquerque, NM area on April 7th, that would be rad!

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