Tuesday, June 14, 2011

100 day tour thanks and news

100 day tour is over and we are currently in Boston. I want to thank Cesar Bustamante, Britty, Zach, and Graham/Procession, Little Chris, Ian, Chris and their roommate (I'm a dick for forgetting this name) from Springfield, Adam Dyson, Pierre Luc-Germain, Jesse from Dauphin, Tommy Wilson and the rest of Obacha, Marisa, Justis and everyone else in Kamloops, Braden/Haggatha, Roger/Tempest, Zeb and Cory/Loather, Thomas/Agress, Jesse Menard, Adam Forkey, Kimberly/Democracy Center, Drew Wencel, Tommy Draize, John and Bob at Rad Skatepark, Timmy Lodhi, Ethan/Jared/Redding crew, Adam/Heartless, Code Orange Kids, Manny Mares, Nick and Chris/Moon Titan, Jamus/Old and Ill, Addrian/Aspire, Bobby Johnson, Clay, Lee and Austin/Distance and anyone else who fed us, housed us, and/or smoked weed with us.

Expect a couple of splits this year, and a new record next year. Come see us on the way home and help us get back, look at the tour dates for shows and shit. Cool.

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